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Investing in Properties in West Midlands!

Property Management in Birmingham

Arena Properties manages properties in South Birmingham. Due to our location, we focus on Student Rooms, Professional Room Shares, HMO's and the conventional Sales & Lettings system. In addition we manage large commercial and residential blocks covering West Midlands.

Property Development

Refurbish your house or Flat; Increase your rental income.
Arena Properties develops existing houses into rentable Flats to maximise rental income. We obtain planning approvals and contruct as per building regulations through certified tradespersons. We understand the financial costs involved and have achieved good and steady returns for our Landlords and Investors.

Buying & Selling Properties

Arena Properties buys properties directly or arranges purchasethrough our experienced Landlords. With us you will achieve a quick sale. Our process is transperant and we only deal with sales through solicitors. There are no hidden fees and surcharges.

Commercial Properties

Our High Street location enable us to have a substantial base of clients looking for shops, offices, commercial units etc; We can let your commercial property quickly safely and achieve good returns. We work weekends and holidays also, hence you can meet us at your convenience. Please call 01212705753 before coming to the office.

Managing Property Blocks

Arena Properties has successfully been managing mixed residential cum commercial blocks with multiple properties. We have been able to develop these into regular high income streams for the investors and have simultaneously improved the amenities for the leaseholders and residential tenants. We believe that success is through a "Win-Win situation" for both parties.

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Partnerships and Subscriptions

Ready to Let or Sell your property now

About Arena

Arena Properties provides intelligent property investments advice in South Birmingham. We let a wide selection of properties ranging from student rooms, small flats to large detached houses and can tailor our services to your needs. As we have many years of knowledge and experience within the local area, this allows us the benefit of seeing properties come back to let with different owners, having Tenants who have become Landlords and vice versa...

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14 August 2016
14 August 2016
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